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Hello members of :iconbenevolent-dragons:

I'm here to remind you about the folders and the submitting process. PLEASE check which folder you are submitting your artworks in. You'll look kinda silly submitting a traditional piece in a digital folder OR EVEN WORSE submitting a malevolent traditional piece in the benevolent digital folder.

I've come across many of these, accept them and pop them in the right folder, but I still don't know if that dragon is good, bad or inbetween. Members just want to get their pieces out there, and that is perfectly understandable, but again, please submit it in the right folders.

If you don't know what 'Benevolent' means, it is means Good. Malevolent is the opposite, so that is the bad dragons. Traditional means that it is not done of the computer, while digital is.

Please, next time look at what folder you're submitting in! I can't stress this enough!

But on another note, I have to thank all of you for supporting this group by submitting works ... Even if it's in the wrong folders.

Thank you for your time.

lady-yuna7 (Co-Founder)
Hey guys Valentines contest! the winner get their pic on the main page!! Its gotta be a dragon and its gotta be Vday-ish. You have till 2-21-11  Go for it! Sorry but I probly wont upload one..maybe but mine wont count. So good luck!
Hello I am Fanggrrl13 the new group leader. You can call me anything you like. Um...I would love input any thing that needs to be changed or added this is my first group but with your cooperation this should be the best I would love comments and more members so. Lets get started!
This group has now been adopted by :iconfanggrrl13: who will be taking over soon.

Thankyou for allowing
to re-home this group.

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